The new generation of G series straight type SQS350-5 loader crane from XCMG, is a straight type with the maximum working range and lifting capacity of the same tonnage in China. Use hexagon boom, with synchronous telescoping organization of single cylinder, safe and efficient. Hook and vice-hook share a major winch, and reserve modularized auxiliary tools interface for expanding applicable functions.  automatic stowing hook technology can carry out work easily, ensure travelling safety. Upgraded hydraulic system make the operation more efficient and save fuel.

Product highlights:

1.The length of synchronized extension boom and lifting capacity of the same tonnage create a new high in the industry, the operation range is bigger.

2.Shared main winch technology.  Equipped with sub-hook, no need to add additional winch, save money and labor.

3.Modularization tools interface were reserved for direct installing sub-hook and bucket; switch operation is more convenient.

4.Fully upgraded hydraulic system make working efficiency increased by 40% and save fuel.