XGC100A is a crawler crane that Xu Gong inherits and upgrades. It is widely used in infrastructure construction, municipal construction and wind power auxiliary construction. The comprehensive performance of XGC100A main boom is 5%-6% ahead of that of the same tonnage class in the industry, and it has 8 kinds of grading load performance, which can lift the weight without the weight.

The site adaptability is good, and the engineering competitiveness is strong. It is equipped with the only extended frame outrigger oil cylinder in the standard industry, which can meet the requirement of 1.2m flatbed car.

The maximum transport weight of a single piece is 24.1t, and only 3 cars are required for full matching. It is not overweight for transport, so it is convenient to transfer and save “profit”. Family appearance cab, fully Ming design, spacious space, more open field of vision; Integrated button panel, 100% control accessible, more comfortable operation; Independent condensing high temperature air conditioning + three-dimensional air duct design, 360° surround, comfortable and comfortable with the wind, first-class driving experience.