The lifting capacity takes the lead in the industry with strong power, the 4-axle extreme 100-ton all terrain crane with high intelligent level.

1. New highly efficient energy-saving hydraulic system
* Closed hydraulic system for lifting and slewing system, equipped with large-displacement pump, lifting speed with heavy load highly.
* Mature double-variable mechanism with fine control tactic, matching perfectly stably.
* Min. stable lifting speed (at drum) 2.5m/min, and min. stable slewing speed 0.1°/s.

2. Intelligent travel and Efficient & excellent off-road performance
* With first launched multi-mode drive technology in the industry, real-time intelligent control for various working conditions is realized so that the crane has optimized travel state and crane safety and reliability are improved.
* Axle load monitoring technology: Proper gear (the highest gear engaged) and axle driving mode are matched automatically by axle load monitoring technology, which provides protection for crane safety in traveling.

3. Power and traveling performance
* MAN diesel engine, rated power 319kw, max. torque 2010Nm.
* Max. travel speed 80Km/h, Max. grade ability 60%.
* Max. grade ability is 60% and min. turning diameter is 15.8 m.