(1) XCA160H All Terrain Crane is widely used for the infrastructure constructions in high-speed railway project, urban overpass construction, assembly and disassembly of tower crane, etc., as well as the lifting and installation operations in the other complex working environments, such as oilfields and chemical industry.


(2) Designed and manufactured by XCMG, it is made of high strength steel with fully covered walking surface and anti-torsion box-typed structure.


(3) Strong power, and excellent maneuverability: five-axle all terrain crane chassis, dual mode drive system with real-time switching. Free switching of three-axle and four-axle drive can provide better roadability to accommodate various road conditions; all-axle steering with six steering modes contributes to excellent maneuverability and better adaptability in confined operating area.


(4) Economical, energy-saving and durable: single engine power technology and new energy-saving hydraulic system are adopted with easy maintenance, and intelligent and efficient operation.


(5) Low cost and high efficiency: The counterweight of 24 t may be taken on the crane during short-distance job site transfer, which can meet the requirements of 40% working conditions. (Full counterweight of 56 t).